About Britta Bo

I am an visual artist and designer, I am educated in fabric design at Kolding Design school and as a furniture designer at VIA University. Excess energy has always for me landed in creativity in some form, it’s not something I decide it’s just the way it is. I work within different areas with products and visuel art. I am attracted to a simple aesthetic, presence, transformation and natural materials. I want to challenge the way we live, by asking questions and working to find the core. Nature is one of the great focal points of my life, it creates a recognition an ethereal experience and a sense of belonging to something greater than ourselves and which we all have in common. That is why nature is often a big part of my inspiration. The time we live in demands more care. Caring for ourselves, each other and the environment. That is why I make an effort so that the things I do can reach out in the future in a responsible way. I love quality, craftsmanship and craftsmanship details. I work through materials and expression with answers to the questions that life asks in the hope of creating meaningful value, aesthetics, functionality in design and present art.




2020     VIA University College Furniture Design

1998      Design School Kolding Fabric design

1990      Niels Brock Higher Commercial Examination



2021 Design award, Design talent 2021  by Bo Bedre,    Boligmagasinet, costume living and Nordic living

2021 Formland, MCH

2021 Trends & Tradition, CPH

2021 3days of design, CPH